We’re back.  Although I think it’s more like Randy Quaid in ‘Independence Day’.  “Hello boys…I’m back!” A maniacal grin, a crazed look in our eyes as we fearlessly approach our submission box here at The Quill

It’s been a difficult few months for Josh and myself, and our readers and authors have graciously suffered along with us. Josh is back in school (although I’m pretty sure he never left.  Summer?  What the heck is that?), and I am safely recovered from Ebola, or was it Dengue fever?  Oh wait –  Bubonic Plague!

Now here we are, back at the boardroom table (Technically Josh is in class, and I am at my desk, but it’s really the same thing), reading your submissions and offering feedback.  We humbly ask your apology, and to prove we are here and working, we have two new works this week for you.

Linda Reed has supplied us with the graceful short fiction work, ‘Letter on a Train’, and Mrinalini Harchandrai delivers a great piece of poetry ‘The Trashness of Trash’.

Please take the time to read these two great pieces, use the posts to comment and keep sending your submissions to us here at The Quill.

We look forward to reading them!

Colleen Cornez
Owner and Editor-in-Chief
The Quill Magazine

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Colleen Cornez

Colleen is a writer of romantic fiction, but a fan of everything written. She is preparing to go back to University to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies. She currently edits for The Quill, and with three (unpublished) novels currently in various modes of professional editing or submission, she hopes to have a cooler bio soon. Until then, you can read excerpts of her work at www.colleencornez.ca.

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