The curtain of twilight, undisrupted by piercing beams
No tin orbs, severing the sky
The flesh tone, dissected from our perception
No gooey limbs, or jade mutations
Ancient scribes of vindictive ants, burned out of history
No iconic distortions, crusading Washington skylines
Craniums obese with software, but a myth
No knowledge secured, that dismantles our intellect
District claims, not planted with violence
No martian seedlings, pouring over humanity
Pixel text, free from our banners
No language encrypted, onto our billboards
Appendages unlike a set of triplets
No phalange telecommunications
Terror of supernatural, deformed in society’s iris
No tentacles dicing skyscrapers like onions
The juices of structures, not soaking eyes
No blood cartridges, printing our future


Header Image Credit – Photosbygar Photography –


Megan Henkelman

21 years old, studying Psychology and English at the University of Calgary.

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