And the music was finito
but still I heard the rush
of the restless levante
on the horizon’s sienna flush.

I took the road from Marbella
left rocky sands behind
adios Sierra Blanco
barefoot, no map in mind.

As the sun of Andalucia
rubbed a burn on my shoulder
I took a funny turn
in an old Moorish quarter.

Walking through the Albaicin
I heard a familiar verse
sad as Zorahayda’s lute
under a lonely lifelong curse.

Green arches played herald
to this wanderer
in an old patio fountain
mischief memory’s fire danced under water.

And it was in the Garden of the Architect
I felt I did belong
my former life returned to me
like coming home to a song.

I was a gypsy on the way to Granada
just flamenco memories and a castanet
but under an orange tree in the Alhambra
I buried my tower of regret.


Mrinalini Harchandrai

Mrinalini Harchandrai’s poetry has been published in Indian and international platforms like Kavikala, Vayavya, The Bombay Review, The Bangalore Review, The Joao Roque Literary Review and Different Truths. Her poems have also featured in a visual art show entitled Breaking Ranks at the Headlands Centre for the Arts, San Francisco.

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