Morning poopers
on pavements and railway tracks
could have frownys on their turd
emoticons secreting a stench
reeking of the lack of sanitation
within a taxing government.

We can see karma
in landfill mountain shapes
where battery acids congeal
with packaging of food
or was it for household items,
slopping through shoelaces
that have run their time
and colour onto
glistening bottlecaps
and sofa stuffing
that comes out to breathe.
Flies drone blackly
over an ocean of decay
a churning composition
in decomposition.

Another plastic bag
is swallowed by a cow
milking its greasy contents
from a refuse bin.
Leave the environment
to the environmentalists, they say
as you try to avoid straws
not made of straw
when you sip on nariyal pani
what’s one more thermacol thali
lasting into light-year infinity.


Mrinalini Harchandrai

Mrinalini Harchandrai’s poetry has been published in Indian and international platforms like Kavikala, Vayavya, The Bombay Review, The Bangalore Review, The Joao Roque Literary Review and Different Truths. Her poems have also featured in a visual art show entitled Breaking Ranks at the Headlands Centre for the Arts, San Francisco.

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