The last month has been a mess for Colleen and I. I (Josh) had finals over the last half April and I was swamped by an unending pile of materials to read and a couple end-of-term papers to write. Colleen, the magazine’s health nut, has suffered from everything from pneumonia to bubonic plague over the last month and a half. It’s funny how the ‘healthy’ people always end up with the most illness. So, because of last month’s perfect storm of illness and forced reading of Hegel, we were unable to publish any new stories. Fortunately, we’re all returned to good health–and free of paper writing for another three days–and back to publishing new works from new authors.

Also, Colleen and I are working on a special Canada 150 edition of the Quill. Let all your Canadian friends know we are scouting for some Canadian stories, and we may even be looking into running a special print edition of the Quill to mark the occasion.

That’s all for this week, we’ll have two fresh stories in a couple weeks. Thank you for reading and supporting the Quill.


Josh Harkema

Josh is a English major studying literature and critical theory at the University of Calgary. An avid writer of both science fiction and philosophy, Josh is comfortable writing both fiction and creative non-fiction. As an editor, Josh has worked on multiple works of short fiction, as a copy-editor at The Gauntlet, and is currently working on a study of temporary identities in online communities.

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