Status Update

Dear Quill Readers and Submitters:

The Quill appreciates your help and support! We’re in the process of finalizing some accounting and corporation issues we’ve been having over the last 6 months. I’m now in a position to provide some good news and an update on what’s happened over the last few months.

Full disclosure:

We applied to incorporate in December 2016 as a not-for-profit corporation registered in Alberta, Canada. In May of this year we received notice that there was an issue with our application, we corrected the mistake (the issue was due to my use of an incorrect form). It took the government 5 months to send us this initial letter of our mistake, but that’s not an issue anymore. We are now 100% incorporated as a not-for-profit in Alberta (7 months later…).

So, we now have to open a bank account, order cheques, and pay all of the authors we’ve published thus far–who have already waited patiently for months. We’re on hold until this can happen (give us about two weeks to figure everything out, we’re already six months behind.) And then we’ll return to either a bi-weekly or monthly publishing model–Colleen and I haven’t had a chance to hash this all out, she’s away with work and will return early next week.

In Other News:

I have managed to consolidate all of our code and tech onto the Google Cloud Platform. This has cut our operating costs to next to nothing–I’m hosting the Quill alongside some other projects I’m working on–now we can focus on paying our authors more for each submission, check out our new pay table here.

Our Patreon is still going strong, and I’ve renewed my commitment to a monthly “how not to write” article written in my typically sardonic style. To get in on our monthly Patreon posts go to and subscribe.

Thank you for supporting us through the launch of this project, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Check back for more updates as our mission progresses.


Josh — Chief Bottle Washer

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